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Kalpoo’s is a proud supporter of Wildlife Conservation, and we believe that we have a responsibility to protect the environment and nature around us. We provide an intimate look at the swamp without impacting the environment or the many diverse species that live there. On every tour, you’ll have the chance to see the Scarlet Ibis, our national bird. Among others are caimans, flamingos, anteaters, snakes, and many types of birds – just a few feet from the boat all in their natural habitat. 


tours are for everyone

Take a swamp tour of the famous Caroni Bird Sanctuary with Kalpoo’s. You’ll glide through caiman territory on a small, flat-bottomed boat and hear all about the swamp and its natural inhabitants from our local, seasoned captains. We offer Bird Watching Sunset Tours, Fishing Tours, Morning Coffee Tours and Dining With The Birds. We have the top captains in the field to give you an authentic tour of one of Trinidad’s most unique ecosystems. Many of our captains have lived on the water for most of their lives to give you the best experience possible.

THE Origin of Kalpoo’s Bird Sanctuary Tours.

The legacy of Kalpoo’s Bird Sanctuary Tours is a 3rd generation business which started with Mr. Seiunarine Kalpoo, who passed the torch to his son, Deonarine Kalpoo, and now the business thrives in the hands of his sons, Ravi and Navin Kalpoo. In 1936, tourists who came to the island for Carnival were interested in seeing the spectacle of the majestic Scarlet Ibis returning to its nesting place. At that time, there were no tours and Mr. Seiunarine Kalpoo, who was a fisherman by trade in the area and by night, a watchman at Piarco, made himself available around Carnival -time to take these intrigued tourists on a bird watching adventure.

Being inspired by his father, it was Mr. Deonarine Kalpoo who grew the business from one boat during the Carnival Season. Seeing the demand, he began to design boats to meet the demands of the people. Of course, this was a slow, but essential step in making the business what it is today. During the week Deonarine was famous for his oysters, crab and cascadoo and on weekends, his boats would be hired for fishing charters as well as for leisurely birdwatching.

With the power of Social Media, Navin and Ravi were able to push the envelope of what Kalpoo’s Bird Sanctuary Tours can offer the public. Not only can you charter a fishing trip, or look at the birds, but you can now have picnics, host weddings, special dinners and much more.


As we see, overtime each generation left its mark on the business moulding and evolving the business from a simple bird-viewing excursion to transforming it into an ideal wedding location and everything in between, making Kalpoo’s Bird Sanctuary Tours the household name it is today and a must see destination for any tourist and locals alike.